Install and remove your clothes in one click, without pulling the collar. A simple gesture that respects even the most delicate textiles and makes your daily life easier.


Hokazu helps you simplify your daily life with practical and easy-to-use accessories. Discover Ōrita, the foldable hanger, preserves the shape of your clothes in a single gesture.  Buy now Ōrita

These hangers make my life easier, I just have to press, on both sides under the hook, so that they fold up, freeing the shirt that I just have to recover...

S. Jacques

These hangers are perfect and very clever. I don't use them for storage but for drying. I don't like to iron, so I always let my many shirts dry on hangers and I like it to go fast.


Bought to hang my t-shirts without damaging them, solid and very practical it will be very useful for the sweaters this winter!

Kevin Legrand

The box teases us with the notion of "Japan style". And despite my high expectations, I was not disappointed. They are solid, practical, good quality.